Fat Free & Fabulous

Healthy Wholesome Foods


What we call Mega Muffins. A batch of these (6 each) comes in handy when you’re on the go, for a quick breakfast, or midday snack. Sweetened with organic fruit juices and honey. Around 350 calories and 1.5 grams of fat or less per muffin!

Banana Date Gingerbread
Banana Strawberry Pumpkin Cranberry
Blueberry Bran Rasin Bran

1 batch of 6 Mega Muffins …….. $15.00


Mini Loaves or Full Size Rounds
Mildly sweet, these are perfect with meals, or for snacking. Breads are generally sweetened with juices and honey, but if you don’t mind sugar, they’re good that way, too. Just state your preference. FAT FREE

Banana Peach
Banana Date Pumpkin Spice
Spiced Apple Zucchini

2 Mini Loaves or 1 Full Round …….. $10.00


These Oat’n’Fruit Bars may be ordered in large or standard sizes.They’re full of organic oats, whole what flour, fresh fruits, and all-fruit jams, and are sweetened with honey. They make good treats for friends and family. Kids love ’em! FAT FREE

Apple Pie Cranberry
Apricot Peach Pie
Cranberry Strawberry

1batch 12 Large or 24 Standard …….. $15.00

Delectible Desserts


Rich Chocolate Brownies or Pumpkin Cheese Blondies
You’ve never tasted any brownie that’s better. Moist, sweet, melt-in-your-mouth brownies that satisfy kids and adults. One taste and you’re hooked.
And these are absolutely FAT FREE!

12 Large or 24 Standard Size …….. $15.00


Fat Free Frosted Cupcakes!
These are decadent frosted cupcakes that will take you back to your childhood. So good you won’t want to give ’em to the kids… but you can for a no-oil, no animal fat alternative!

1 Dozen Frosted Cupcakes …….. $15.00

Fabulous Favorites


Fat Free Fudge!
Our best seller. Melts in your mouth, and at less than 1 gram of fat per piece, an entire pound has less fat grams than the daily RDA of fat intake for men or women. Believe it. It’s the best you’ll ever taste!

Peanut Butter-Chocolate

Neo – Classic Cocoa

1 pound …….. $18.00


Our FAT FREE cheesecake can be found in selected Los Angeles area restaurants, and they can’t keep enough of it because customers order it so fast. Now you can enjoy this luscious dessert in your own home. We guarantee you’ll want more. Order as many as you want… they freeze for 3 months.

Banana – New York Style

Pumpkin – Fruit Topped

6-inch cake ……..$24.00
10-inch cake …….. $32.00

Gift Packages


Assortments of Fat Free & Fabulous goodies. 
Choose from three styles:

Healthy Sugar Free
Chocolate Lover’s Heaven
Mix’n’Match Munchies

In one of three sizes: …….. $35, …$55 or … $75

About Fat Free & Fabulous

Fat Free & Fabulous is a product of boredom.

Boring food, boring snacks, boring desserts.

Living a low fat lifestyle can be boring, and that keeps many from living a healthier way.

We’ve changed that.

Using friends and relatives as guinea pigs, and two full years of experimentation in the kitchen, we’ve come up with an absolutely fantastic fare that is fat free!

Yes, many a ‘hockey puck’ was tasted, many a ‘rubber brownie’ was tossed into the circular file. But we finally did it. Fat Free and Fabulous cakes, breads, muffins, brownies, and even fudge. So fabulous that we have clients ranging from restaurants, to health food stores, to celebrity chefs that buy our products to feed their very slim-conscious customers. Not to mention real estate offices, interior designers, and entertainment companies who purchase gift baskets for their clients.

Now you can enjoy Fat Free & Fabulous, too.

Our Products:

  • New York Style Cheesecakes
  • Killer Fudge
  • Muffins, Breads, Scones
  • Brownies, Cupcakes, Cookiebars and more!
  • Custom gift packages available.

Our Promise:

  • Hand made fresh upon order.
  • No butter, no oil, no animal fat.
  • Sodium free and preservative free.
  • Special dietary needs always met.
  • Dairy and/or sugar free available.

Tasting is Believing!

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